General Counsel

Multiple Intervenors is represented by Couch White, LLP, its general counsel. Couch White is a leader in energy law, with a regional and national reputation and client base. The Couch White energy law practice group is known nationally for its representation of large industrial, commercial and institutional consumers of electricity and natural gas, as well as its work on behalf of developers of independent power and cogeneration projects and developers of transmission facilities and gas pipelines and other energy infrastructure projects. Couch White represents Multiple Intervenors at the New York Independent System Operator committees and working groups. In addition, Couch White, on behalf of Multiple Intervenors, is the sole consumer representative at the New York State Reliability Council.

Couch White also provides extensive informational services to Multiple Intervenors that keep its members up-to-date on current events in the legal, regulatory and market arenas. Members receive monthly newsletters summarizing the activities of Multiple Intervenors and providing updates on current proceedings. Couch White also provides regular updates to Multiple Intervenors members through letters from counsel, reports on utility-specific and generic filings and other energy developments, and regular membership meetings.

Additional information can be found on the Couch White website