About MI

Multiple Intervenors is a membership-driven organization. Members of Multiple Intervenors share a common interest in ensuring that New York State’s energy markets provide access to reliable, affordable energy supplies. To accomplish this objective, Multiple Intervenors participates actively in legal and regulatory proceedings throughout New York State. For example, Multiple Intervenors actively participates in New York State Public Service Commission proceedings, matters before the New York Independent System Operator, the New York State Reliability Council and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Multiple Intervenors advocates through the legal and regulatory process on behalf of its members. Because Multiple Intervenors is the only party exclusively representing large-volume New York energy consumers in these proceedings, Multiple Intervenors plays a critical role in protecting its members interests, as well as shaping the State’s energy policy. As part of its advocacy role, Multiple Intervenors also seeks to educate governmental, quasi-governmental and non-governmental entities responsible for energy matters on the financial and cost impacts that their decisions will have on consumers and those that fund New York’s energy programs and policies.